Covid-19 Message

Covid-19 Message





The Shore Group would like to thank you for working on an assignment which is essential to supporting our communities during this pandemic.

However, we want to ensure that we are not placing any of our staff at any unnecessary risk of contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus.

As such, we would like to reiterate that:

• It is your choice to continue working and you are under no obligation to do so.

• You must ensure that you are following Public Health England advice by working at least two meters apart from others, and undertaking additional hygiene measures such as regular handwashing.

• You must only attend work if you are symptom free of COVID-19.

• You must inform The Shore Group and your Line Manager immediately if you have any symptoms while in the workplace.

• You must self-isolate in accordance with Public Health England advice, if you or members of your immediate family display symptoms.

• You must follow the instructions issued by on-site supervisors or remote managers in relation to their own specific arrangements around safe working.

Please review the latest guidance from Public Health England by clicking here and contact The Shore Group for any further assistance or to advise in any change in your circumstances.