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“Since 1999, I must have walked thousands of miles around London visiting sites and projects to secure work. Now, I enjoy training staff how to succeed in recruitment and am more office based in our locations across the country. I spend a lot of time with clients, developing relationships and securing PSL agreements across the business, and listening to their views on our industry. 

I look forward to our Board Meetings, when I can challenge and be challenged by our Board – I enjoy working with talented and dedicated individuals, supporting the company’s growth and identifying opportunities. I also relish watching our staff succeed, particularly the large number of apprentices who have completed their apprenticeships and now work for us full time. 

When I’m not working, I can often be found in my garden, cultivating and growing a variety of vegetables and plants. I relax by learning to play the violin, and by watching my children ride Horses. I also enjoy watching rugby, Skiing red runs and am very partial to a fruity cocktail or 2.”


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