Are you looking to challenge how you procure your Construction Logistics Packages?

Operatives on 80% of London’s Major Construction Sites


Does your business have a need for a cost-effective model of supply that goes further to support all operations proactively rather than just a reactive resource?

The Shore Group can provide tailored solutions based on your project’s individual needs throughout your construction timeline

Our solutions can give clients an alternative to  fixed price costs that lack the flexibility to include a more traditional in-house labour resource rather than a variational overspend .
With our fully supported logistics operation ready to assist, we can then be called on when that extra push is required. 
All of these operations can be controlled through our bespoke cost portal that allows “real time” control of your prelim spend.

Core Operations

Early planning intervention from our Logistics Team can highlight issues and create solutions that can be shared with Trade Contractors to aid their planning each following operation:  

  • Delivery & Traffic Management planning
  • Logistics Operatives & Waste Management Teams
  • Trade to Trade delivery/storage sequence planning 
  • Horizontal/Vertical Material Management
  • Waste & Sustainability 
  • Security Operations
  • Multi use trained operatives