Shore Group Innovative Technology & Reporting


The Shore Group utilises a cloud based reporting system which also doubles up as a briefing tool for our field teams.

Our platform is fully customisable and with full back of house control, we and our customers can update and modify reports with no technical programming.

We can run bespoke reports and audits for our customers, meeting their needs in a timely and cost effective manner.

We can also integrate the reporting  system into our customers ordering  systems for stock management.



No limit on the amount of questions or formatting for surveys & questionnaires
No restriction on quantity of photo
Live updates and brief amendments can be sent immediately
GPS tracking and time stamps deliver transparency at all times
Attendance tracking system & pre-start time alerts minimises missed shifts and increases timekeeping
Reporting portals can be tailored to meet any operational requirements
We also utilise the reporting app to upload RAM’s, briefs, training videos and much more!


Key 2019 Numbers

Number of Projects Created

Number of Users

Calls Completed


“I can track every installer and access their work at the click of a button”

Kevin Aston, Shore Group Project Manager



Our platform greatly reduces the time it takes to create, modify, update and assign questions.

Costs are kept low because of the flexibility when setting up and editing projects.

We have increased our efficiency and enabled our teams to take on more responsibility.

Being able to filter and group data makes it easier for us to identify and provide clients with a more detailed, in-depth analysis and insight into their projects.