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360 Degree Feedback


Over the past month our leadership team took part in the 360 degree review process. 

This is a process through which feedback is gathered from subordinates, colleagues, and managers is designed to help a teams development and evaluation.

I received my feedback last week, and I must admit I was fairly nervous opening the document. I’ve always enjoyed reading books about leadership and learning about what drives successful teams, but must admit I did question whether Sir Alex Ferguson would’ve allowed David Beckham and Wayne Rooney to tell him what they really thought about him during his successful stint? Did Daenerys Targaryen ‘The Dragon Queen’ care what her followers thought about her when plotting her attack on Kings Landing? Would Winston Churchill have put himself in a position to potentially be publicly executed by his peers in this terrifying assessment process?

All these thoughts were going through my head when turning the page of my review, but I decided to crack on and give the 360 process a go. 

The good news was that I received some really positive feedback and overall, I was pleased with the outcome. One suggested area of development for me was to be more vocal on social media platforms. My leadership team encouraging me to tell the world about our journey.

Although I see myself as very confident I’ve never felt comfortable sharing things on social media and cringe at the thought of it.

I’ve spent too much time watching self proclaimed business experts telling me that in order to be successful I need to wake up at 4am, stop drinking and have a six pack – that the thought of videoing myself talking into my phone and being on social media literally makes me feel sick!

However maybe the time is right to start telling ‘our story’. We’ve grown a successful business over the last ten years, but I’m still mindful we are a million miles from our final destination, and are not the perfect finished product.

We’ve experienced loads of ups and many downs, but these experiences have helped The Shore Group become what it is today, and maybe sharing these experiences will help others?

On reflection the 360 review process has proved a very positive tool and highlighted our leadership team’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. I would therefore highly recommend you bosses out there to give it a go.

Looks like your be all hearing from me much more over the coming months!   


By Lewis Yorke-Johnson
Shore Group Co-Founder