George Surry -Meet The Team

George Surry -Meet The Team

Name: George Surry

Role: Account Manager/Consultant


What is your role at The Shore Group

Having started as a resourcer, with no knowledge of the construction industry, I quickly gained momentum and began working towards the account manager role, out meeting clients aswell as filling vacancies in the office. I’ve been an account manager at The Shore Group now for near 4 years out of my 5 being in the company. I’m currently in a transitional period from stepping up from the account manager role, taking the clients I have brought on board through my time here to the next level. I will slowly filter my managed clients over to my colleague Alfie who is the next up and coming London account manager. My Day to day involves speaking with both candidates and clients, dealing with queries and timesheets and filling vacancies.

What are your ambitions with the company?

The Pandemic certainly curbed a lot of things happening in the company, but my ambitions are still to become London team leader and eventually London office manager. I’m very excited to get back commuting to the big smoke, there’s a buzz in the city when everything is moving that you don’t get anywhere else.

What inspires you?

Many of my colleagues who I’ve been around inspire me every day, I’m always asking for advice from them, especially Matt. He has taken the step up in the past and was knocked back almost immediately. Its through his experience, drive and determination which is helping me navigate the best and smoothest way to transition forward. Of course, there is no better mentor than our founder Lewis, seeing him out with clients and the knowledge he has within the industry as well as the respect is something I am always looking up to.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt since working with The Shore Group?

A big motto here at TSG is tough times don’t last, tough people do. Now my colleagues will say im not tough and I would highly agree, but ive had some horrendous moments here that i have had to work through, clients going bust etc. I will throw my toys out the pram quicker than most, don’t get me wrong, but once its done you get back up get out there and get in more business. Then more its happened, because it will always happen in construction the easier I feel about the fact that it’s a moment in time and we move on.

What experiences make you happy at work?

I love winning new business, or growing an already billing client, sometimes it takes months but the pay off is always amazing. The work you put in now, you will reap in 6 months. That’s what I was taught when I started and believe me its so true. Make the calls, do the visits and eventually you will see the benefits of the work you put in.


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March 24, 2021