The Construction Industry Offers Retraining Opportunities During 2020

The Construction Industry Offers Retraining Opportunities During 2020


It has to be said, things are certainly tough in this current climate, not only have we suffered major loss throughout the world, but many industries in the UK have also been suffering due to COVID-19. Many businesses in the UK have had no option but to furlough many of their staff, or in worse cases, make many redundancies. It can’t be denied that many industries are suffering the brunt of the national lockdowns and closures, and we sympathise greatly with those who have lost their jobs and livelihoods. One industry which has managed to stay relatively unscathed is the Construction Industry. If you have found yourself at a loose end during this time and are looking to enter a new industry, the construction industry might be for you. With the government encouraging many of us to “retrain” and to enter new industries, it is the perfect opportunity to try something new.  Keep reading to find out what it takes to be a construction worker in 2020.

At The Shore Group we provide construction recruitment solutions, built on solid foundations. Our team prides itself on our nationwide coverage with unrivalled industry insight and relationships. We are here to guide you to where you want to be. With jobs all over the nation we will have opportunities for you, left, right and centre. If you are looking to pursue a career in construction, then our team is looking to place you in the perfect position.

What does it take to be a construction worker? 

You might be thinking, what exactly does a career in construction involve? Construction workers take on numerous roles within their job role. They clean and prepare construction sites removing debris and possible hazards to ensure that the site is within the health and safety guidelines. They load or unload building materials ready to be used for the day along with building or removing barricades, scaffolding or temporary structures. Construction workers are also required to operate equipment and machines such as concrete mixers whilst helping other craft workers with their duties. It is important for construction workers to follow their construction plans and instructions carefully to ensure everything is completed to the correct standard.

What qualifications do you need to be a construction worker?

There are different avenues you can go down to pursue a career in construction. Firstly, you may decide to go to a Trade school which offers courses on the basics of construction trades. Students will learn how to select building materials for projects and how to install them using the correct tools needed for the job. You will learn how to interpret blueprints, building codes and shop drawings to ensure you have a full understanding of a project before you start. Another option is to earn an associate of technology, associate of science or certificate of technology degree.

After completing trade school training some opt to further their training as a paid apprentice. However, you may decide to go straight into an apprenticeship once you’ve completed your school studies. This period of their career may take up to 5 years. Throughout these five years you will be assigned jobs by the company you choose to work with as well as going to class lessons for further training.

Some choose to have a higher position within the construction industry. For instance, if you choose to manage construction sites you may want to continue your education in a college or university offering a degree in construction engineering technology. In addition to this some may choose to take advanced math or a science course that will allow them to apply the teachings of these courses to the subject matter.

What will my wages look like?

Depending on your skill, knowledge and experience, wages will increase proportionately. The location of where you will be based will also affect your rate.

What qualities do you need to be a construction worker? 

Construction workers tend to be independent, practical, persistent and focused. They’re up for a challenge and enjoy tasks that are physical and mechanical. With a job like construction it is important that you have confidence and ambition.  Communication skills are vital for construction workers as they often work with other peers on a team to complete a project. 

What are the perks of being a construction worker? 

You get to stay active as this job will keep you moving throughout the day as well as getting the chance to check out many different trade skills which is a great learning opportunity to enhance your knowledge.  Due to the fact that typically you don’t need to have any educational requirements, it is low risk if you decide that construction isn’t for you.

What hours may you expect as a construction worker?

The hours you work will vary depending on the job, location and season. For instance, some jobs may have to stop during winter so you may have to work longer to get this done in summer before the winter weather hits. Highway construction often happens at night when the roads aren’t too busy therefore night shifts may be something you will come across. However, new home construction will tend to have you working the standard 9-5 hours.

Are you looking to pursue a career in construction? Do you believe you have what it takes? If you are ready for the next chapter in your life, call us today and speak to a specialist on our team and find out what we can offer you to suit your needs. We are here to help at The Shore Group to provide you with unlimited job opportunities.


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November 18, 2020