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Work Life Balance 


Mark Twain once said “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  

Nearing 23 years in the industry next month,  I would like to think this quote rings true for me, however I, like many others that work in a fast paced industry sector have always striven to find that work life balance, but, have I achieved it ?

Long hours, long journeys, planes, trains and automobiles to site meetings, project meetings, networking, negotiating, day and night socialising, leading , mentoring etc etc.. all morphed in to a working 5 day week. Emails, phone calls after hours contacts, where do we find the time to balance this with family, out of work socialising, hobbies and the must do brain drain self-time?

When I first came in to the industry in mid-1996, my then CEO Gary Wilson advised simply this, the first year in this industry will test you to the highest limit, you will find emotions that you never thought were there, you will however have the opportunity to work around some of the most talented people in the industry both internally and also your clients as well… take the best bits from them, enjoy it embrace it and own it, find yourself and by the way learn to play golf, it’s a great release!

I hung on to every word and Gary wasn’t wrong, apart from developing myself within the day job and being part of a great journey with a great business I learnt to play golf, started at a handicap of 26 as most golfers do,  during the next 8-9 years or so with the business golf became my brain drain, especially during the summer months, it also helped with my confidence and secure good client relations as well forge long term friendships with industry colleagues, the phrase Bandit was often scrawled across my score card during company events, coupled with the phrase, “Brian knows how to strike a deal and get a decent margin on a job, however the same applies to his handicap on the golf course.. it’s not likely to go down at all” oh dear 🙂

I feel quite humbled and fortunate to have had the industry opportunities that have enabled me to take my career and position to the level I am at today, working alongside some great people and forging strong client / friend relationships and yes every day is a school day, so I am still learning, and juggling my current role and duties with finding the time to relax and unwind.

I don’t think I have quite got the work life balance sorted and probably never will however and yes Gary your words still ring true today, the passion is still there, the bandit is still having a go on the fairway still on a handicap of 26.. 🙂 and for those who know me well, the margins.. well let’s leave this one for another time ? 


By Brian Croot
M & E Director